The Agile Firm Conference: A Success!

Ally Law hosted its two-day, online Super Conference, The Agile Firm, on October 27 and 28, 2021 (October 28 and 29 in the Asia-Pacific region),  with 38 member firms in attendance and over 200 member participants.

The conference featured more than a dozen presentations, workshops, breakout sessions and networking events with an impressive array of speakers, member panelists and performers. Delivered via an intuitive online meeting platform, sessions helped law firm leaders learn about and apply new ways of thinking and innovative tools to create adaptable, resilient organizations.

The conference began with a workshop designed to help lawyers turn contacts into strong referral sources presented by Silvia Coulter, founder of LawVision, and was packed with informative, engaging content, ending with a fun award of the cutest pet.  Ally Law members and guest speakers discussed effective leadership in the age of agility, the new path to partnership, human resources trends in the post-pandemic era, and making the most of digital meetings. Networking and new-member introductions provided attendees with opportunities to develop and strengthen relationships with colleagues worldwide.

Highlights of the online event included a keynote presentation by legal industry expert, management consultant, and business thinker and speaker, Chris Bull, a London-based principal at Edge International. Author of numerous publications and articles, Bull’s most recent book, The Agile Law Firm, explores what it means to be “agile”; its role in creating client value and guiding digital transformation, innovation and collaboration; and how firms can adopt and implement the principles of agility.

Then executive coach, leadership advisor, meditation and yoga teacher — and former intellectual property lawyer! — Rudhir Krishtel offered a fresh take on how lawyers, law-firm leaders and their colleagues can better manage workplace intensity.

Said Paul Franke, president of Ally Law and a partner in Denver-based member, Moye White, “Our 2021 Super Conference, The Agile Law Firm, took our virtual meetings to the next level.  It taught us lessons on how we can all be more effective lawyers and business people while connecting with our clients and colleagues.”



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