2021 AGM

May 26-28, 2021

200+ members from around the world EXPLORED 20+ substantive sessions and entrepreneurial stories, ENVISIONED new ways to use Ally Law effectively and increase their resilience, and ENJOYED hearing Ally success stories and a global member concert. Check out our session videos below.

Annual Business Meeting:

Ally Law officers report on finances, expansion, marketing and regional initiatives.

Increasing Your Resilience:

Rudhir Krishtel, former lawyer turned professional coach and leadership instructor, creates awareness of how counterproductive mindsets affect us, and how we can use this awareness to develop greater resilience.

The Pandemic Changed Us, and Its Not All Bad:

Hear how members adapted to the past year and what they experienced as the unexpected benefit, in areas like lawyer training and development, space planning, business development and marketing, office technology and client service.

Tips, Tricks and Genius Ideas- Making the Most of Your Membership:

Hear from members who’ve learned how to enhance the benefits of Ally Law, inside their firms and directly with clients, from handling referred work to using the network as a tool to expand their practice.

Unstoppable Entrepreneurs Share Their Insights:

Member firm clients tell their story: how they got their big idea, the potholes along the path, how they overcame adversity, how they grew effective teams and how they’d advise others with big ideas.

Ally Law’s Global Concert:

Listen to a virtual global concert featuring Ally Law firms – from solo guitarists to lawyer bands and family songs. View the program here.