Ally Law Celebrates 30 Years!

Ally Law Celebrates 30 Years!

Ally Law celebrated three decades providing comprehensive legal services to corporate, individual and governmental clients during the opening session of its two-week Super Conference 2020. The virtual event, which began on November 11, 2020, and continued through November 20, kicked off with the unveiling of new video and print retrospectives recapping the network’s 30-year history.

The anniversary video and brochure include highlights and insights offered by past and current Ally Law leadership, including Björn Welinder, president of Ally Law and a partner in Lund, Sweden-based law firm Lindmark Welinder. Welinder was one of the original group of lawyers who established the network in 1990. Recalling the beginnings of the organization, he said, “I always had high hopes for our organization. But Ally Law in 2020 has surpassed my ideas about where we would be today. We have every reason to celebrate our successes.”

Welinder continued, “Of all of our network’s strengths — talented lawyers, energetic, innovative law firms, a commitment to quality and client service — one of our most important assets has been our ability to take a clear-eyed look at what is coming down the road and to prepare ourselves and our clients for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.”

Wendy Horn, Executive Director of Ally Law, echoed this forward-thinking approach: “Our successes over the past 30 years point the way to our future. Our Young Leaders Development Program, our innovation forums and virtual meetings (including this year’s Super Conference), our new technology tools, and the introduction this week of four new member firms in South America and Europe all contribute to the strengthening of Ally Law’s real-world network grounded in personal relationships, collaboration and client service.”



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