Year in Review

2021: Our members brought agility, creativity and collaborative problem solving to a year that none of us will ever forget.

We stayed the course.

Here’s a look back at our accomplishments of the past year!

New Firms in 2021

2021 was another year of solid growth for our network. Our new firms are all high-quality providers of sophisticated legal services in their own jurisdictions and beyond.

Latinx Debut

9 firms in South America + Mexico launched Ally Latinx, a collaborative regional platform for delivering international legal services across the Americas and beyond.


Members forged new connections in a series of virtual meetings that addressed global legal trends & professional development.

First Time
Hours of

Virtual Conferences

First-class keynotes, a memorable client panel, speed networking, breakout sessions and a global talent show attracted record numbers of attendees, many for the first time.

May 26-28, 2021

Live and In Person!

Social gatherings in Miami + Crete allowed us to meet new firms, forge closer relationships, discuss the network’s future – and have some fun!

Trends in Referral Income

Collaboration, creativity and congeniality have powered success across the globe. Referral income has increased 38% since 2018.

Ally Law Online

Our digital presence expands awareness of the network and its members with Ally Law lawyers, clients, prospective firms and referral sources.

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Increase in Engagement

New Practice Guides!

We are proud of the accomplishments of our member leaders, delegates and firms this year.

Thank you to all for your contributions.

Here’s to a safe and prosperous 2022!

New Members / Expansion

Nusantara Legal

Jakarta, Indonesia

Altra Legal

Asunción, Paraguay

Moye White

Atlanta, USA

PPO Abogados

Pax, Bolivia


Quito, Ecuador

Culture, Politics + Arbitration: A Client Webinar

On September 30, Ally Law hosted an international webinar that discussed how arbitrations are shaped by culture, regulation and politics.

Visit the links below to view the speaker presentations.

The session was moderated by Mark Elliott, Phillips Nizer (New York, New York, USA) and also featured Dennis Kwok, Senior Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School, Ash Centre for Democratic Governance and Innovation (Boston, Massachusetts, USA).

Jacques Bouyssou

Alerion (Paris, France)

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Haig Kalbian

Kalbian Hagerty (Washington DC/United Arab Emirates)

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Nathan O’Malley

Musick Peeler (Los Angeles, California, USA)

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Tatiana Kauffmann

Cascione Pulino Boulos Advogados (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

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Live and in Person - Miami

On November 18-21, 30 members from 22 jurisdictions met in Miami where they enjoyed reconnecting over meals and discussing 2022 plans for the network, as well as partaking in a variety of social activities.

Live and in Person - Crete

On October 8-10, 21 attendees from 11 countries met in Crete to socialize and strengthen connections.

Ally Law Works


Building Client Trust Through Skill and Quality Service

When a law firm with offices in multiple jurisdictions face a number of legal and ethical complaints, Vorys earned the client’s trust by demonstrating legal and strategic expertise. MORE…


When a Seller Acts Erratically After Closing, Obermayer Brings a Steady Hand

After the former owner of a company began acting unpredictably and against his own interests after the sale, member firm Obermayer helped Varnum’s client retake control of the situation. MORE…

Ally Law Gibel Zirm


Helping Bereaved Relatives Resolve Cross-Border Legal Issues

When the relative of a man whose uncle had passed away in a foreign country needed help with legal issues, member firm Gibel Zirm handled the matter with sensitivity and speed. MORE…




An Impressive Early Performance Creates a Successful, Long-Term Partnership

By addressing an initial set of legal issues with skill and professionalism, Your Legal Partners was able to establish a long-term, ongoing relationship with a key client of Kalaidjiev & Georgiev. MORE…