Japan’s First International Firm Joins Ally Law

Japan’s First International Firm Joins Ally Law

Blakemore & Mitsuki, the oldest international law firm in Japan, has been admitted as its newest member.  Blakemore & Mitsuki is a full service firm and one of Tokyo’s leading firms in corporate law, mergers & acquisitions, structured finance, banking, intellectual property and related litigation.

Blakemore & Mitsuki is comprised of more than 25 legal professionals with a variety of backgrounds in academia, government, corporations and specialized law. The firm offers advice in varied and complex areas, including: general outward/inward direct investment; general international business; mergers and acquisitions; structured finance (securitization); capital markets; banking and institutional investing; commercial and investment banking regulations; venture businesses; human resources and employment; litigation and arbitration; insolvency; intellectual property; tax-related and other government-related proceedings.


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