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New Protocols for U.S. “Green Card” Applicants

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is the Department of Homeland Security component overseeing lawful immigration to the U.S. See USCIS website.The USCIS took over many administrative functions formerly carried out by the former U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service. USCIS requires in-person interviews for employment-based immigrant applicants and in September the USCIS Ombudsman outlined expanded

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German Anti-Money Laundering Act Is Significantly Reformed

In May 2017, the Deutsche Bundestag adopted a draft law for the implementation of the Fourth European Union Anti-Money Laundering Directive, as well as to execute the new EU money transfer regulation, among others. This summer this new version of the German Anti-Money Laundering Act (GwG) became effective. There are a number of important changes

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U.S. Guidance On Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, And Initial Coin Offerings

This summer the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) released a Report of Investigation (Report) that represents the first major U.S. regulatory guidance for the mushrooming cryptocurrency markets. Ally Law member  firm Rich May has prepared a primer of the key provisions of the Report and what they mean. A brief summary of the primer

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Gambling In Poland: The Law Has Changed

This year Poland effected amendments to its Gambling Act, introducing a number of regulations with regard to gambling services as well as new market regulation mechanisms. Among the important changes, the amendments introduced a state monopoly on operations of slot machines outside casinos, and also a mechanism for blocking online domains offering access to gambling operated

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Using “Finders” To Find Capital

Sometimes the only path to financing your startup is through the pitching and putting together a group of “angels” and other individual investors. That path takes time and can be frustrating; potential investors may hesitate to commit. The offer from a “finder” to introduce you to investors with cash sounds attractive. What is the downside

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Corporate Governance, Legal Risk Management, And Your Company

The terms corporate governance and legal risk are much bandied about but hold different meanings for different people. Ally Law member firm Russell Kennedy of Australia notes that typical interpretations include: Minimising Liability – particularly steps to reduce liability and exposure. Accountability – improving accountability and transparency within organizations, particularly decision making. Risk management –

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Stringent New Counterfeit Laws In Poland

On March 1, 2017 an amendment to the Polish Criminal Code comes into effect adding new categories of crimes including issuing, counterfeiting and remaking fictitious invoices purporting to be genuine. In an official statement, the Office of the President said that the purpose of the new legislation is to combat the practice of extortion of VAT

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Potential Effects Of A Trump Administration On Corporate Boards

Commentators are fundamentally limited to educated guesses regarding what a Trump presidency might mean for corporate regulation given that the president-elect has never held an elected office and appears to be nominating several cabinet officials without government experience. Based upon campaign comments about “disastrous” U.S. regulations, however, it seems clear the president-elect will takes steps

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Transformation In Malaysian Corporate Law

In 2016 the Malaysian Parliament passed the Companies Bill 2015 (Bill) which is expected to transform Malaysia’s corporate landscape by spurring entrepreneurship and deregulating certain aspects of corporate process. Inasmuch as the Malaysian government has yet to finalize new regulations, rules and guidelines implementing the Companies Bill 2015, the Bill itself is not yet effective

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