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Applicable U.S. Federal Rates For January 2017

The United States Internal Revenue Code prescribes minimum imputed interest rates and time-value-of-money factors applicable to certain loan transactions and estate planning techniques. These rates are tied formulaically to market interest rates. The Internal Revenue Service updates these rates monthly and the full list can be found at the IRS webpage “Determination of Issue Price in the

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Malta: Gaming Hot Spot

Malta is “home to a dynamic and thriving gaming industry” according to the president of the International Association of Gaming Advisors. Malta is in the process of reviewing and taking forward its legal framework for gaming following the success of fantasy sports games and skill games over the last ten years. “Skill games” differ from “chance

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Is The “Delaware Advantage” Right For Your Nonprofit?

Although most U.S. nonprofits are formed under the laws of their home state, it is common for experienced nonprofit attorneys to recommend a Delaware entity. Most U.S. and international practitioners are aware that a large number of U.S. incorporations take place in Delaware: as of last year, 66 percent of Fortune 500 companies were incorporated in

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Three U.S. Wage And Hour Developments Favoring Employers This Year

For U.S. employers looking for something to be thankful for this season, we offer several recent defense-friendly wage and hour developments. Kicking off the season is the nationwide preliminary injunction preventing the Department of Labor (DOL) from implementing new overtime rules, the court reasoning that Congress never authorized the DOL to drastically raise the overtime

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Ally Law Member Firm Wins Article 50 Brexit Challenge

David Greene, Head of Group Action Litigation in Ally Law Member Firm Edwin Coe, LLP, represented winning Claimant Dier Dos Santos in the high profile case of Santos and Miller v Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union (known as the “Article 50 challenges”). Court hearings began in October and concluded last week with

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U.S. Government Issues 2017 Cost-Of-Living Adjustments

Since 1975 the United States Social Security Administration’s general benefit increases have been based on increases in the cost of living, as measured by the U.S. Consumer Price Index. Prior to 1975 the benefit increases were set by legislation. These increases are called Cost-Of-Living Adjustments, or COLAs, and allow Social Security and Supplemental Security Income

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Lemon Laws And Autonomous Vehicles

In the United States, ‘lemon laws’ have existed for several decades to protect consumers from permanently defective vehicles. Lemon laws generally require manufacturers to replace or reimburse consumers for vehicles that have proven defective under defined criteria, which may vary from state to state. Autonomous vehicles present a unique scenario regarding the applicability of lemon

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EU – U.S. Privacy Shield Update: Are You Certified?

On October 6, 2015, the European Court of Justice declared invalid the Safe Harbor program governing the transfer of personal data for commercial purposes between the European Union and the United States. See our former Global Matters articles on the subject: Evolving Law: The Status Of Data Transfer From The EU; New Framework For Transatlantic

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Australia’s New Foreign Resident Capital Gains Tax Creates Obligations

From 1 July 2016, purchasers who acquire ”indirect interests” in Australian land from a foreign resident may be required to withhold an amount equivalent to 10% of the purchase price and remit it to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). This mandate is required under the new foreign resident capital gains tax withholding regime (CGT Regime).

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Britain Increases Measures To Tackle Offshore Tax Evasion

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) department of the British government intends to introduce a new “Requirement to Correct” (RTC) obligation in the Finance Bill 2017, which places an additional obligation on those who have undeclared UK liabilities relating to offshore interests to put their past affairs in order by September 2018. Those who do

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