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Publication Of Personal Information: What Are Your Legal Obligations?

The right to publish personal information, and legal obligations attendant thereto, is a global topic of discussion involving ethics and evolving legal mandates. Whether any such information, including photographs, is to be published on a public website, or in handouts to a select group of recipients, there are now legal implications not contemplated twenty years ago. In


Trademarks And How To Brand Your Business

Do you need to trademark something for your start up? Do you know how to establish your trademark? Do you understand the importance of priority? Do you know how to register your trademark and when that should be done? All business should understand how their trademarks – their brands – are created and protected. Trademark


Spiderman And Patent Law

Longstanding patent law holds that the obligation to pay royalties to a patentee under the terms of a contract ends when the subject patent expires, typically after 20 years. This rule was recently challenged in a suit involving a patented Spiderman toy. The owner of the patent sought to continue to collect royalties for sales


Restrictive Covenants in the Construction Industry

Many industries rely on relationships to generate sales and use restrictive covenants to protect these relationships. However, in the construction industry, contractors and lawyers frequently limit themselves to what appears in the forms provided by the American Institute of Architects. The construction industry can benefit from restrictive covenants to protect trade secrets, and confidential information integral to those particular


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