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Native American Law: Know Your Commercial Rights and Obligations

Native America tribes and their holdings are exempt from many state and municipal regulations and taxes by virtue of the exclusivity clauses of several federal laws to which tribes and their lands are subject. A recent federal circuit court opinion held that the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934 prohibits state taxes on Indian land rights,

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Estate Planning: Avoid The Seven Common Mistakes

Estate planning falls to the wayside for many people – in fact, studies show 64% of Americans do not have a basic will. However, if you fail to make provisions for your assets and belongings, you cannot be sure that those you leave behind will know how you wished to distribute them. Many common mistakes

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Structuring Foreign Real Estate Investments in the US

There are many considerations when altering structures for foreign investment in real property in the United States. When adapting these structures to achieve greater benefits, what seems like a straightforward transition can often be riddled with unanticipated pitfalls. To learn more about the pros and cons of several of these structures, click here. For a previous post

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US Tax Court Decision Underscores Expression of Intent is Essential to Preserving Capital Gains

A recent United States Tax Court decision underscores the importance of expressing intent in order to defend a capital gain qualification, even if property is never developed or improved. In the case, although the taxpayer intended to develop the property and incurred soft costs to arrange for further development, they held it for over 10 years without making improvements.

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Setting Up Your Gaming Business in Malta

WH Partners published an article in the Country Profiler, Gaming Malta Yearbook 2015, titled, “Setting up your gaming business in Malta.” In the article, Partner Olga Finkel  discusses why Malta is the ideal place to set up a gaming business. From a business’s perspective, she discusses the advantages, process, regulatory implications of mergers and acquisitions, and tax and

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