Legal Medical and Recreational Cannabis: What An Employer Needs To Know

Legal Medical and Recreational Cannabis: What An Employer Needs To Know

The legislatures of virtually all states in the United States, and many non-U.S. jurisdictions, are considering the legality of recreational and medical use of cannabis. Whether or not you are personally interested in the issue, it may effect your workplace.  The legalization of cannabis, and consequent use thereof by your employees, raises workplace-impact questions and will probably require review of your current personnel policies.  For instance, is employer permission to use medical cannabis required as a “reasonable accommodation” under the Americans With Disabilities Act or similar disabilities legislation?  Are there any situations in which an employee who legally uses cannabis can be barred from safety-sensitive work duties?  How does legal use of cannabis impact your drug testing program?

Ally Law Medical Cannabis

Ally Law member firms are experienced in health care and public policy, disability law compliance, and employment law compliance. If you have any questions on the regulation of cannabis or other substances in your jurisdiction and its impact in your workplace, consult an attorney at an Ally Law member firm who can advise you through this fast-breaking legal area.  For more information about our services in this area, contact us at

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