Meet Allison Lee – Young Leader

What is your primary area of practice, and what drew you to it?

I am a litigation lawyer, specialize in matrimonial, commercial, employment and immigration matters.

Law is my second career. I was a software developer and business analyst for around 8 years before going to law school. I like law because it instigates your logical reasoning and I like good intellectual arguments.

Tell us about a recent memorable project, matter or case that you’ve worked on. What was fun? What was challenging?

Our firm had been engaged in an ongoing contractual dispute regarding a guarantee. The court process was delayed several times due to the pandemic but at the end, we managed to assist our client to settle the dispute outside of court.

Since the pandemic, what is one thing that has improved in your life?

Better work-life balance. The pandemic has changed how we work and interact with people. During the pandemic, I spent more time with my family at home.

And now, a wild-card question: What’s your favorite place to visit and why?

France, known for its historic architecture, nature scenery and sophisticated food. My husband is French and we used to visit our relatives in France every year. It is a great place to relax.


Hong Kong
Founded: 1985
Member since: 2005
Lawyers: 19

Allison Lee BC&C