Real Estate Discussion Spans 11 Countries

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Real Estate Discussion Spans 11 Countries

On October 27, 30 members across 21 jurisdictions  met to discuss jurisdictional updates, trends and perspectives on the future of the real estate market.

Members from Argentina (Richards Cardinal), Chile (Arteaga Gorziglia), Colombia (CCG Abogados), Denver (Moye White), Chicago (Much), Malta (WH Partners), and New York (Phillips Nizer) gave an overview of COVID-19 responses in their area and it’s impact on the commercial real estate market.

Kristin Hawes, Partner at Summit Law Group in Seattle, moderated the hour-ling session, providing input and context for each of the three topics.

Ignacio Arteaga E., partner at Arteaga Gorziglia in Chile, Julia Velasquez Torres, partner at CCG Abogados in Colombia, Max Kanter and Jason LaBella, both partners at Much in Chicago, and Nathan Catania and Davinia Cutajar, partners at WH Partners in Malta, all provided updates on Force Majeure provisions. Input was also provided by partner Ana Iatsel at Marti & Associats in Spain and partner Fiona Chan at Boase Cohen & Collins in Hong Kong.

Matias Zaefferer, partner at Richards Cardinal in Argentina discussed strategies by which landlords and developers could maximize their position or mitigate their exposure in the current climate.

To round out the conversation, Marc Landis, partner at Phillips Nizer in New York and Eric Snyder, partner at Moye White in Denver, reviewed the COVID-precipitated changes in office and retail markets.



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