Founded in 1950, Ramirez Asociados was established to provide legal advice and services to individuals and companies, and focused on corporate law, tax, and employment issues. We expanded in 1975 to deliver specialized tax and accounting services to businesses and family estates. And for nearly two decades, our professionals have worked with clients seeking to capitalize on the increasing openness of the Chilean economy, providing comprehensive legal advice related to trade and international taxation to foreign companies with investments and operations in Chile.

Our notable practices include:

  • Our Free Trade and International Taxation practice assists with free trade and association agreements, as well as advice on international tax conventions and international tax arbitration. We also advise on unilateral tariff reduction schemes, resource management, and foreign investment regimes.
  • Our Tax and Tax Consultancy team provides general tax and estate planning services, counsel on income tax and sales tax issues, advice on compliance with Chilean and international tax and accounting rules and regulations, expertise in transfer pricing, reports and financial statements, and outsourced accounting services through our subsidiary, Kreston International.
  • Our Corporate practice delivers services including civil and commercial contracts, due diligence on acquisitions, restructuring, finance for companies doing business in Chile, government tenders, and consumer protection. Our clients are found in a broad range of sectors including technology, communications, healthcare, and real estate and construction.
  • Our Employment lawyers advise companies operating in Chile on systems related to compensation and working hours and legal holidays, collective bargaining, restrictive covenants, and terminations.

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+562 964 4880

+562 964 4880

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