Summit Law Group

Summit Law Group rejected the traditional law firm model and started from scratch to revolutionize the way legal services are provided by focusing on a single principle— customer service. 

Our mission is to think creatively, to proactively formulate and pursue the most effective, efficient solutions to your legal needs with small, dedicated teams.

Everyone at Summit Law Group is a legal professional who shares in the firm’s success, and our attorneys are equity owners of our business. As a result, every member of your Summit team feels a personal sense of ownership and accountability. We have eliminated the inefficiencies inherent in traditional law firms— such as hidden charges, rigid cost structures, and leveraged hierarchy— to focus exclusively on you. Our innovative model has been proved by a long, successful track record that covers a broad variety of complex legal issues.

Summit Law Group is committed to building working partnerships with our customers and delivering the highest-caliber work. Rise above the usual practice with Summit.


Founded: 1997
Member since: 2018
Lawyers: 34

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Summit Law Group
315 Fifth Avenue S, Suite 1000
Seattle WA 98104
Tel: +1 206 676 7000


Rodney B. Younker
Partner and CEO