Recapping Super Conference 2020

November 11-12 & 16-20, 2020

200+ members from around the world  participated in sessions on firm management, collaborative marketing and business development, diversity and inclusion, technology, mental fitness and new or emerging practice areas.

Check out session videos and other materials by clicking on the links below. 

Keynote & business update

Forbes columnist and bestselling author Curt Steinhorst’s keynote address combined insight and humor in a session to help us all be more effective in virtual teams, whether inside our firms, with clients or with our fellow members. Next, Ally Law’s officers presented a business update. 

Speed networking!

23 members prepared short presentations on their areas of specialized expertise.

Mental fitness for lawyers: Manage stress and conflict while staying sane and focused

In a profession defined by long hours, financial targets and stressful situations, staying mentally fit can be a challenge. In this session, our speaker Christian Heim, an award-winning clinical psychiatrist, combined science and Australian humor to help law firm leaders address mental health issues in their firms, including anxiety, depression, suicide, trauma, personality disorders and addiction

Innovation forum: Strategies for the future

In two sessions, panelists shared how they’ve  addressed changing client requirements and increased competition by finding new ways to strategically position their firms. Speakers included Alon Pomerance – Lipa Meir, Tel Aviv; Christophe Gerschel – Alerion, Paris, Marty O’Hara – Much, Chicago; Sarah Badten – Birch Horton, Anchorage and Marc Landis – Phillips Nizer, New York

Marketing for introverts

In two sessions, Ally Law marketing professionals addressed how introverts can make the best of our current reality to strengthen relationships with existing  clients and develop new business. Speakers included Tanya Byrne – Edwin Coe, London;  Jessica Grayson – Phillips Nizer, New York;  Joe Caffrey – Varnum, Grand Rapids, Bronwyn Eynon-Lewis – Thynne Macartney, Brisbane, Pablo Correal Zambrano – CCG, Bogota and Catriona McGregor – Russell Kennedy, Melbourne. 

Managing partners & COVID 19: What I learned in the pandemic

In two panel discussions, managing partners from small, medium and large firms discussed the challenges and opportunities of  law firm management in the COVID-19 era. Speakers include Eszter Kamocsay-Berta – KCG, Budapest;  Mathieu Shapiro – Obermayer, Philadelphia; Juan Pablo Cardinal – Richards Cardinal, Buenos Aires; Colin Cohen – Boase Cohen Collins, Hong Kong, Rod Younker, Summit Law Group, Seattle and Ramesh Vaidyanathan – Advaya Law, Mumbai.  

Skills and strategies for tomorrow's leaders

In two panel discussions, participants from our Young Leaders Program shared their perspectives about relationships building, “the unelevator speech”, finding your niche, business networking, handling difficult conversations, time management, creating a business plan and other skills essential for future law firm leaders. Speakers included Marco Bertucci – Gitti + Partners, Milan, Maria del Pilar Olaso – Richards, Cardinal, Buenos Aires, Ada Danelo Summit Law Group, Seattle, Adrienn Megyesi – KCG Partners, Budapest, Michael Thom – Obermayer, Philadelphia, Laura Davis – Summit Law Group, Seattle, Ursha Magajne – Much, Chicago and Sumana Murthy  – Phillips Nizer, New York. 

Innovation forum: Technology case studies

In this panel, members shared how they’ve integrated new technology solutions to sustain or enhance their competitive edge. Katerina Politopoulou – Your Legal Partners, Athens; Ansis Spridzans – Spridzans, Snipe & Hramcenko, Riga, Chad Mitchell – Summit Law Group, Seattle and Tony O’Malley, Mahfuz Hashmy and Daniel Ornelas – Vorys, Ohio discussed their experience with Luminance,  Smartlaws,  ActionSteps and Clocktimizer. 

Women and the Law: Strategies for professional and personal success

In two panel discussions, member provided insight and tips on a variety of common challenges, from managing pregnancy, children, divorce and travel to sustaining self-confidence, self-worth and enthusiasm for life in private practice. This is the first in a new monthly discussion group series for women associates and partners across the network. Speakers included Ilene Jaroslaw Phillips Nizer, New York; Paola Sangiovanni – Gitti + Partners, Milan;  Danielle Justo – Rich May, Boston; Carol Kerfoot – Kornfelds, Vancouver, Sarah Manly – Russell Kennedy, Melbourne and Lisa Wong – Boase Cohen Collins, Hong Kong. 

The “B” word, intellectual property and data privacy

Nick Phillips – Edwin Coe, London reviewed the main changes that businesses with operations in the UK are likely to experience when the UK leaves the EU. He also set out some practical steps that should be taken to ensure intellectual property remains protected in the UK and that data can still be moved in and out of the UK.

Speed Networking Sessions - 8pm EST

Firm: Rich May

Presenter: Eric Krathwohl

Location: Boston, MA

Title: There is no PLANet B – Learn About Renewable Energy Contracts

Program Description: We’ll run through a summary of renewable energy options, how they can save your clients money and help save the planet. We’ll briefly discuss the commonly encountered contracts by businesspeople not specifically in the energy business, as well as the more complicated renewable transactions for energy companies. Many of the issues and the terms of these contracts and transactions are similar around the world.


Firm: Arteaga Gorziglia

Presenter: Ignacio Arteaga

Location: Santiago, Chile

Title: Renewable Energy Booming in Chile

Program Description: Latin America has emerged as the new hub for renewable expansion, with more than a quarter of primary energy coming from renewables, which is twice the global average. Chile stands out among its Latin American neighbors, with its rapidly expanding clean energy grid, which includes vast solar fields and wind farms. Find out why Chile is the regional leader and what opportunities exist for your renewable energy clients and investors.


Firm: Musick Peeler

Presenter: Marcio Vasconcellos

Location: Los Angeles, USA

Title: TBD

Program Description: TBD


Firm: Russell Kennedy

Presenter: Walter MacCullum

Location: Sydney, Australia

Title: Even Where There’s a Will, There’s Still a Way

Program Description: If you have clients who either reside in Australia or have assets in Australia, its important to know the laws relating to claims that may be made against deceased estates. Walter MacCallum, a principal from the Sydney Office of Russell Kennedy, has been litigating deceased estates for 22 years. In 7 minutes he’ll explain to you the laws relating to ‘family provision’ in Australia and how even the best laid plans of testators can be undone and wills can be effectively be re-written. Knowing what steps the will maker can take to prevent claims and what to do when faced with a claim could be critical to your clients’ estate planning.


Firm: Russell Kennedy

Presenter: Gina Tresidder

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Title: Are You Getting What You Paid For?: IP Tips and Tricks for Commercial Transactions.

Program Description: Intangible assets like Intellectual Property (IP) are indispensable to modern businesses and a key target for investors. However, just because you acquire a business, it does not follow that you automatically acquire the right to use the IP assets. Gina Tresidder, a specialist IP lawyer from Russell Kennedy Lawyers, will discuss key principles that all commercial lawyers should be across for business sales, such as: how to prepare a business for sale by identifying and remedying red flags for potential purchasers; crucial due diligence, completion and post-completion steps to secure target IP; and how to avoid epic due diligence fails.


Firm: Thynne + Macartney

Presenter: Ruth Wang

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Title: Migration into Australia – What Does the Future Hold?

Program Description: In 2019 immigration into Australia’s grew the population by more than 210,000 people. When Australia closed its borders in response to COVID-19, it reduced its net migration to almost zero with Prime Minister Scott Morrison estimating annual migration will be approximately 34,000 in the year ahead. This reduction has significantly impacted industries such as tourism, construction and education. Has immigration stopped altogether, who is able to enter Australia, and what might a relaxation in current policies look like? Join Ruth Wang, Associate and Registered Migration Agent, to learn more.


Firm: Evans Dixon

Presenter: Denise Bloch

Location: USA

Title: TBD

Program Description: TBD


Firm: Boase Cohen Collins

Presenter: Alex Liu

Location: Hong Kong

Title: “Hong Kong’s National Security Law – Why it Affects Everyone, Everywhere

Program Description: “A year of civil unrest in Hong Kong culminated in Beijing imposing a tough new national security law on 30 June 2020. Broadly defined acts of secession, subversion, terrorism and colluding with foreign forces now carry heavy penalties.
Four months on, supporters say the law has restored stability, detractors insist freedoms have been restricted. What is clear, however, is that the law affects us all, whether we are residents or visitors, small businesses or corporations, government bodies or NGOs.


Firm: R+P China Lawyers

Presenter: Maarten Roos

Location: Shanghai, China

Title: Recent Developments in Compliance in China: Data Privacy and Corporate Social Responsibility

Program Description: Compliance is a key topic for all that do business in China. While corruption and bribery continue to receive much attention, data privacy and general operational compliance are gaining more importance for foreign-invested enterprises operating in China. China has been slow to develop a full-scope data privacy framework, but the PRC Cyber Security Law (2017) and various draft regulations suggest what companies operating in China can look forward to: strict rules on collecting, management and the export of personal data. Foreign-invested companies are concerned because traditionally seen as ideal targets for China’s powerful enforcement authorities. China is implementing a corporate social credit system, which will combine a company’s compliance record into one CSC score. This score is also influenced by the business it is in and the (third-party) suppliers that it works with. It can result in rewards such as lower taxes, better credit conditions, and public procurement opportunities; as well as punishment (incl. blacklisting, additional audits).


Firm: Russell Kennedy

Presenter: Joe Denina

Location: Sydney, Australia

Title: What’s Yours is Mine: Shareholder Disputes and Effective Strategies for Prevention and Resolution.

Program Description: Join me in a discussion about avoiding pitfalls when shareholders find themselves in a dispute over a shareholder’s agreement or a constitution. Key concepts will include: who is covered by a shareholders agreement; methods for appointing and removing directors; decision-making for shareholders and directors; share issuance and buying and selling; and dispute resolution regimes.


Firm: Russell Kennedy

Presenter: Nahum Ayliffe

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Title: All Roads Lead to Washington: An Australian Perspective on Insolvency and Business Risk in a Covid Normal World.

Program Description: During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Australian government has proposed insolvency reforms which borrow themes from Chapter 11 of the US Bankruptcy Code. In June, the United Kingdom introduced similar reforms with the UK Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act. Nahum Ayliffe, who is a leading insolvency lawyer at Russell Kennedy in Melbourne, will briefly discuss whether the adoption of debtor focused insolvency models along with the ongoing impact of the pandemic are likely to have a sustained impact on business risk. Attendees will be trusted advisers of commercial clients and insolvency experience is not necessary.


Firm: Thynne + Macartney

Presenter: Ari McCamley

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Title: Why Investment in Australian Agriculture is Hot Right Now.

Program Description: Australian agriculture has emerged as a particularly bright spot in the last 12 months. The drought broke in many parts of the country, bringing bumper crops and record prices for livestock. Significant changes in ownership of rural property occurred, with T+M acting in sales and purchases of rural property with a combined value over $750 million. Producers on the east cost have now been told to expect a wet summer, with the declaration of a La Nina in the Pacific Ocean. Join us to find out what else to expect in next 12 months and what this means for investors in the industry.


Firm: Moye White

Presenter: Zaki Robbins

Location: Denver, Colorado

Title: Advanced Energy Projects

Program Description: In this session, we’ll discuss the development and financing of utility-scale and distributed generation advanced energy projects. Moye White has a particular focus on agreements relating to land acquisition, project construction, power purchase, and renewable energy credits.


Speed Networking Sessions - 11am EST

Firm: Your Legal Partners

Presenter: Maria Golfinopoulou

Location: Athens, Greece

Title: Investors Look at Greece to Emerge from the Post-Covid Slump: Crisis Trigger and M&A Shift

Program Description: Greece has shown a courageous management of this pandemic and great potential for further growth. Your Legal Partners shall share with you trends and opportunities, our experience in M&As structures in Greece and shall give a snapshot of challenges and opportunities. 2020 shall be marked a year of big deals in infrastructure, energy, logistics, tourism, real estate and technological sectors. More to come.


Firm: Gitti + Partners

Presenter: Paola Sangiovanni

Location: Milan, Italy

Title: Life Sciences for Multinationals

Program Description: Gitti and Partners’ life sciences practice focuses on assistance to multinational corporations selling medical devices and pharmaceutical products. We assist hospitals and start-ups as well. Our legal services span from corporate and M&A to commercial, regulatory, data protection compliance, anti-corruption, criminal corporate liability, public procurement, regulatory and litigation.


Firm: Spridzans

Presenter: Ansis Spridzans

Location: Riga, Latvia

Title: Latvia: Best Regulation for P2P Financing in EU

Program Description: Two-thirds of P2P financing in Europe are originated by platforms registered in Latvia. P2P platform regulation is a priority for local market regulator and it is progressive in licensing of platform business. This is important for competing platforms in other jurisdictions as many operate without or with restricted licenses.


Firm: WH Partners

Presenter: Ramona Azzopardi

Location: Xbiex, Malta

Title: Investing in Free Movement of Future Generations

Program Description: Residency by investment programs are not just a short term investment for individuals who wish to base themselves in another jurisdiction, but it is also a long term investment from which future generations can benefit from. We shall explore what possibilities there are to add future generations to one’s already acquired residence status and what benefits are included; such as travelling to the Schengen countries without the need to apply for a visa.


Firm: Richards Cardinal

Presenter: Jorge Tützer

Location: Buenos Aries, Argentina

Title: Cross Border Insolvency: Recent Practice in Latam

Program Description: With the global nature of today’s economy, companies increasingly have subsidiaries and operations in multiple countries. This session will discuss various aspects of cross-border insolvency, including how to decide where to file for protection and various other factors.


Firm: Phillips Nizer

Presenter: Mark Elliott

Location: New York, NY

Title: Antitrust Counseling and Compliance

Program Description: Countless interactions with suppliers, customers and competitors in virtually any industry can implicate antitrust and competition laws. In this session, we’ll cover the principles of antitrust law and an understanding of the latest antitrust developments, and its pertinence on a global scale to nearly any client.


Firm: Santiváñez Abogados

Presenter: Roberto Santivanez

Location: Lima, Peru

Title: Electromobility: The Future Today

Program Description: The first electric automobile predates the first gasoline automobile by half a century, but with the introduction of the mass-produced, gasoline-powered, affordable Model T, by 1935 electronic vehicles (EV) had disappeared. Now EVs are having a strong comeback, with projections showing 245 million EVs by 2030. This century will be that of renewable energy and electromobility, which creates a new territory of legal practice it and all of its growing ecosystem of technology, manufacturing, commerce, financing, services and regulation.


Firm: Spridzans

Presenter: Svetlana Hramcenko

Location: Riga, Latvia

Title: Listing Financial Instruments in Europe: Why you Should Consider the Nasdaq Riga Stock Exchange

Program Description: Nasdaq Riga Stock Exchange carries the well known and reputable brand, and provides experience and standard of Nasdaq group. Clients choose it as an affordable and easier alternative to often bureaucratic and more expensive exchanges in major financial hubs in Europe.


Firm: Vorys

Presenter: Daren S. Garcia

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Title: Helping Branded Manufacturers Drive Business Value Through Online Sales Control Solutions

Program Description: As Amazon and other online marketplaces continue to grow and expand, brands are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of ensuring sales of their products are made in the right channels by the right channel partners.  When companies lack sufficient control over their online sales, they are quickly confronted with unauthorized sellers, brand erosion, lost sales, channel conflict, and negative online reviews.  Since its inception in 2014, Vorys eControl has worked with hundreds of brands to help them drive business value through online sales control solutions.


Firm: Melchers

Presenter: Dr. Holger Jakob

Location: Berlin, Germany

Title: ESports and the Law – What Legal Expertise the Industry Needs

Program Description: The Esports industry is growing rapidly due to Covid19. The most important market players are publishers, teams, players, sponsors and influencers. The most relevant topics are IP rights, sponsoring, contractor and employee agreements as well as integrity and compliance. If you want to provide legal services in the Esports industry, you need to know the ecosystem, which I would like to introduce briefly.


Firm: Richards Cardinal

Presenter: Juan Pablo Cardinal

Location: Buenos Aries, Argentina

Title: The Good the Bad and the Ugly: Take Good Care of Employee Privacy Before Being Fined!

Program Description: With an uptick in employee privacy issues and no uniform approach to regulation in this area, the exact impact of privacy in an employee relationship is yet to be framed.
Meanwhile, numerous regulators, most notably in Europe, are imposing heavy fines on companies. This session will discuss practical considerations for addressing issues around employee privacy.