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Construction: Do You Understand Your Indemnity Clause?

Project work in the construction industry is typically underpinned by a chain of contracts between clients, contractors and subcontractors. In the circumstance where something goes wrong on the job or in your contractual relationship, your lawyer will try to provide you with the best available options for action. However, those options will be limited or defined

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Urban Development: Environmental Site Assessments And Risk

In the United States, an environmental site assessment is a critical tool for a developer to evaluate environmental risks in determining risk and potential liability for a build site. A Phase 1 environmental site assessment is usually the first step in assessing such risk in commercial real estate transactions. But how reliable is a Phase 1

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3-D Printing Technology – Practical and Legal Considerations

Josh Leavitt, Co-chair of the Construction Law practice at Much Shelist, recently wrote an article for Construction Executive magazine that discusses 3-D printing in the engineering and construction industry. The article addresses lingering concerns about the use of this technology for complex construction, and economics, ownership, rights, and legal and insurance issues, around the commercialization of this technology.

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Restrictive Covenants in the Construction Industry

Many industries rely on relationships to generate sales and use restrictive covenants to protect these relationships. However, in the construction industry, contractors and lawyers frequently limit themselves to what appears in the forms provided by the American Institute of Architects. The construction industry can benefit from restrictive covenants to protect trade secrets, and confidential information integral to those particular

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