International Arbitration Guide

Describe the international arbitration governing bodies/structure in your jurisdiction.

French arbitration law was updated in 2011 by Decree No. 2011-48. It provides rules that guarantee the efficiency and flexibility of arbitration proceedings and the enforcement of awards.

France has also ratified the New York Convention of 1958. However, courts usually rather apply French law since it is more favorable for the enforcement of awards.

Since 2018, an international chamber has been created within the Paris Court of Appeal, specializing in judicial issues related to arbitration.

Describe any unique circumstances in your country that affect international arbitration (i.e., change in government, etc.).

In France arbitration is widely used to resolve both domestic and international disputes.

There are several arbitration institutions located in France. A special mention should be given to the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) which is a leading and highly renowned institution.

Together French sophisticated and arbitration-friendly legal framework and Paris-based arbitration institutions make Paris one of the world’s leading seats for arbitration.

Please provide a brief overview of your firms international arbitration capabilities (team members, experience as litigators in arbitration as well as experience as arbitrators).

Founded in 2003, Alerion Avocats is an independent and full-service law firm. The members of the Litigation & Arbitration department intervene as counsels and mediators at a domestic and international level. Thanks to our multicultural background, we intervene in disputes involving European, African, American, Asian and Latin-American parties.

In which areas does your firm handle arbitration? (i.e., international investment, infrastructure, public works, energy, construction, etc.)

Amongst others, international investment protection, transport, energy, construction, commercial, corporate, finance and general contract law disputes.

Which industries does your firm serve in this area (i.e., energy, insurance, public concessions, etc.)?

Among others, energy (oil, gas and renewable energies), international trade, insurance and banking.

Does your firm provide lawyer representation or certified arbitrator resources, or both? Please describe.

Alerion Avocats lawyers have acted as counsels in ad-hoc and institutional arbitrations under several commonly used arbitration rules, including ICC, Centre de Mediation et d’Arbitrage de Paris, UNCITRAL, LCIA and HKIAC, among others, applying the laws of various jurisdictions.

We also often handle litigation before French courts connected to arbitral proceedings, with special experience in proceedings related to the setting aside or the enforcement of arbitral awards in France.


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