Jurisdictional Guides

While most countries share common legal concerns, their approaches to these issues are steeped in local history, tradition, culture and politics. Our jurisdictional guides help clients understand legal matters where they do (or plan to do) business.

Fintech Regulation Guide

FinTech solutions and technologies are evolving more quickly than many legislative and regulatory frameworks. To help regional, national and multinational financial services companies better understand and comply with these complex rules, Ally Law’s member firms are pleased to provide this jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction guide to FinTech law, regulation and enforcement.

International Arbitration Guides

Alternative dispute resolution can be an effective way to resolve conflicts and preserve key relationships quickly, cost-effectively and confidentially. Our jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction international arbitration guides outline domestic and international dispute-resolution regimes and practices from the perspective of law enforcement, regulatory and legal regimes in our member firms’ home countries.


The European Union and more than 60 nations (and counting) have passed laws and regulations regarding electronic signatures and digital transactions. Featuring contributions from our member firms around the world, Ally Law has created a jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction guide to help companies understand how e-signatures are used, regulated and enforced in countries where they may have key business relationships.

Latinx Employee Privacy

As concerns about worker data privacy have grown across Latin America, so has the definition of “worker”; past, current, and potential employees and contractors may now be covered by a country’s labor, employment and data-security regulations. Ally Law’s Latinx member firms are pleased to provide this jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction guide to the region’s employee privacy laws.

Business Guides

Ally lawyers share their practice and industry knowledge through publication of Doing Business Guides. These in-depth jurisdictional guides are developed to help businesses more effectively manage their international strategy.