International Arbitration Guide

Describe the international arbitration governing bodies/structure in your jurisdiction.

Arbitration is generally governed under Law No. 30 of 1999 on Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution. Furthermore, the government of Indonesia has expressed its openness with the ratification of New York Convention of 1958. The Arbitration Law governs all domestic and foreign arbitrations recognized under Indonesian Law. In Indonesia, arbitration is organized by Indonesian National Arbitration Board, an independent arbitration board.

Describe any unique circumstances in your country that affect international arbitration (i.e., change in government, etc.).

The Arbitration Law provides an arbitral award rendered outside Indonesia (a foreign arbitral award) could only be enforceable if the relevant arbitral award is registered in Central Jakarta District Court. Additionally, such award can be annulled if the documents submitted during the arbitration process are false, being hindered, or the award is determined from misdirection effort.

Please provide a brief overview of your firms international arbitration capabilities (team members, experience as litigators in arbitration as well as experience as arbitrators).

Founded in 2018, Nusantara Legal Partnership is an international mindset law firm and consists of Indonesian qualified lawyers with experiences in handling international clients. At this stage, Nusantara Legal Partnership have not been recently active in international arbitration matters, however, we will be delighted to advice any clients on the commercial law aspects of international arbitration based on the framework of the Indonesian law.

In which areas does your firm handle arbitration? (i.e., international investment, infrastructure, public works, energy, construction, etc.)

Nusantara Legal Partnership is capable to represent and provide legal advice to clients on arbitration matters in various industries such as: a) General Corporate, (b) Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), (c) Commercial Litigation, (d) Pharmaceutical, (e) Merger and Acquisition, (f) Insurance, (g) Information Technology, (h) Telecommunications; (i) Infrastructure; (j) Energy; and (k) Construction.

Which industries does your firm serve in this area (i.e., energy, insurance, public concessions, etc.)?

Nusantara Legal Partnership is capable of providing legal services in various sectors and we are highly adaptable to assist our clients in various sectors.

Does your firm provide lawyer representation or certified arbitrator resources, or both? Please describe.

Ally Law delegates, Marshall Situmorang (Partner) and Audria Putri (Senior Associate) are certified as Associates of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (“ACIArb”), a renowned international center of excellence for the practice and profession of alternative dispute resolution based across 149 countries.

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