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Membership in Ally Law is open to independent law firms of significant stature and reputation, with a broadly-based corporate business and litigation practice and demonstrated expertise in international business matters.

Our membership includes 80 full-service business law firms in 61 countries. Our members are mostly mid-sized in their respective jurisdictions, with sophisticated services and internationally active clients. Ally Law enables our members to be global for their clients, without the conflicts of interest or excessive fee levels found in the largest firms. These advantages are very appealing to clients and have enabled Ally Law to remain vibrant and growth-oriented for more than 30 years.

Approximately 75% of our members have been in the organization for more than ten years. With this history, our members have close relationships with each other and significant business flows between our firms.

Ally Law membership is exclusive in that we accept only one member firm per jurisdiction and our members do not belong to other global networks, clubs or alliances which our Board has deemed competitive with Ally Law. That said, our members are not required to use Ally Law when they need counsel in other locations.

Today, the organization is focused on three main goals:

  • Helping members better serve their clients’ legal and business needs in a global economy.
  • Creating a non-competitive forum for the open exchange of information and expertise.
  • Helping members expand their practices through joint business development initiatives, special interest group events and assistance with marketing communications and strategy.
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