Supply Chain

A global supply chain requires global legal guidance - a perfect match for Ally Law, our member firms and our clients.

International manufacturing, distribution, dealer and franchise networks offer an ideal, sustainable framework for bringing products to market. However, such multiparty arrangements also give rise to a broad range of compliance and commercial risks at home and abroad. Together, Ally Law’s member firms and their individual lawyers have the cross-jurisdictional reach, industry-focused knowledge and in-depth experience necessary to help business owners draft and negotiate effective, risk-mitigating contracts with vendors, suppliers, franchisees, dealers and customers in countries around the world.

When supply chain disputes arise, our member firms offer boots-on-the-ground, local counsel that understands the unique legal, commercial and cultural environments in which our clients do business. We have a strong record defending clients in commercial, cross-border disputes and government inquiries involving dealer networks, system standards and upgrades, exclusivity enforcement, prohibitions against aftermarket and nongenuine parts, and termination, nonrenewals, and other substantive, competition-driven changes in supply chain, franchise and distributor agreements.

Our member firms represent clients operating in nearly every industry of the modern economy, including agriculture, automotive parts and supplies, leisure and hospitality, manufacturing, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, retail, restaurants and food service and technology, among others.

We advise clients in all law involved in supply chain, distribution, franchise and dealer agreements and operations, including the following:

• Antitrust and competition
• Contracts
• Dispute resolution and litigation
• Intellectual property and licensing
• Labor and employment and licensing
• Outsourcing
• Regulatory compliance
• Tax
• Trade, tariffs and imports/exports

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