We require member firms to annually report revenues received as a result of membership in Ally Law, including:

  • Fees received for legal services performed for member firms of Ally Law.
  • Fees received for legal services performed for clients referred by Ally Law firms.
  • Fees received for legal services, where the client relationship initially and predominantly arose from Ally Law marketing activities.
  • Fees received for legal services based on a referral from a former Ally Law lawyer or former Ally Law law firm, for a period of 3 years from the date on which the firm in question ceased to be a member, or the individual lawyer left the member or former member firm, whichever is earlier.
  • Where a client is derived by a member firm as a result of the above activities, and becomes a “permanent” client of the member firm (i.e. Subsequent matters other than the matter originally referred), fees derived from that client shall be reported indefinitely from the commencement of the first subsequent matter.


Below you will find two input forms. The one on the left is for fee generating referrals received by your firm during 2017 as a result of Ally Law membership. The one on the right is for work your firm sent to other member firms in 2017.

Fill out the forms for each referral and then click “Add”. Continue this process until all referrals sent and received by your firm have been reported. If you can’t complete adding the data all at one time, send the completed entries and return later, start a new entry and send the additional reported referrals. The reports will be combined. 

Once you have added all referrals, click the “Submit” button below the last entry form. Ally Law will  then send a confirmation email that shows the data that has been input for your firm’s report. You can send us any edits or corrections that need to be made to your firm’s report. If your firm did not receive or send any referrals in 2017, please check this response and send the report. 

If you prefer to submit your report manually, please click here to download a Word form which can be completed and sent to Ally Law via email. Please do not save this form as a PDF when sending to us! 

Ally Referral Form

Work Received by Your Firm:

Thank you for letting us know your firm received no fee-generating referrals in 2017.
Thank you for letting us know your firm did not send any work to Ally Law firms in 2017

Work Sent by Your Firm:

Please click Submit to let Ally Law know You have not Received or Sent any referrals for 2017

* Are you sure your information is correct? Please review each entry before clicking submit.