Women in the Law:

Strategies for Personal and Professional Success

Upcoming Sessions

We are pleased to announce new topics where women lawyers across the network can meet up monthly via Zoom to build a community for mentorship, exchange of best practices and forge personal connections that can lead to business opportunities. Sessions include 20 minutes of informal presentation followed by 40 minutes of group discussion.

Women lawyers across the network meet up regularly to build a community for mentorship, exchange of best practices and forge personal connections that can lead to business opportunities. Sessions include 20 minutes of informal presentation followed by 40 minutes of group discussion.

Lisa wong Speaks for Ally Law

February TBD

Lisa Wong
Boase Cohen and Collins – Hong Kong

Women: The Default Housekeeper, Caretaker and Peacemaker?

Women are usually expected to keep things in order, take care of everyone and be the mediator and peacemaker both at home and in the office. This imposes additional stress and responsibility on woman lawyers who are already very busy with work and family duties. Join this discussion to share experience and strategies in dealing with this kind of expectation.

Previous Sessions

11:00am EDT

Michelle Douglas
Kalbian Hagerty

Strategies for Attracting and Retaining Women Lawyers

Women and their career trajectories are often affected by cultural challenges such as unequal access to opportunities, conscious and unconscious biases, and non-inclusive workplaces.

Join us to discuss ideas and strategies for leadership, management and organizational behavior that can help to retain and boost engagement for existing women lawyers in your firm, as well as attract more of them.

11:00am EDT

Denise Junqueira
Cascione, Pulino & Boulos Advogados,

The Importance of Communication and Support - Feedbacks, Mentorship and Role Models

Good communication and support is an essential tool for both team and individual growth, and this has been particularly important since the Covid-19 outbreak, which forced many people to work remotely. This panel discussion will provide tips and discuss about the importance of good feedbacks, mentorship and role models, looking at both sides of the relationships. The right relationships can benefit and be rewarding to both parties. Indeed, employees who communicate effectively with colleagues and clients are always valuable assets to an organization and to clients, and it is a skill which can set people apart from their peers.

Denise Junqueira will share some highlights from her career path as well as how mentor-mentee and role model relationships helped guide her along the way.

Partners, associates and clients are welcome and may benefit from this event.

11:00am ET

Camille Khodadad
Much Shelist,
Chicago, IL

Bringing Men into the Fold

Are male lawyers part of your firm’s efforts to achieve gender equality? Do you actively engage men in your firm’s gender inclusion programs? Join Camille Khodadad, co-chair of the Much Women’s Initiative, to discuss the importance of men as allies in the promotion of gender equality – from general support to sponsorship – and discover strategies for getting men more involved.

Ally Law and women in law

11:00am ET

Melissa Terui Villegas
D&A Morales 
Monterrey, Mexico

Working Across Borders: Overcoming Intercultural Challenges

Join Melissa as she shares her experience as a young, Mexican woman lawyer working with lawyers (men and women) from different jurisdictions, hearing about the intercultural challenges she experienced and how she achieved productive relationships.

Sarah Manly and Ally Law

8:00pm ET

Sarah Manly
Russell Kennedy,
Melbourne, Austrialia

Meet RK Women's Network

For four consecutive years, the Workplace Gender Equality Agency has named Melbourne-member Russell Kennedy (RK) as Employer of Choice for Gender Equality. This is no doubt in part to the RK Women’s network, which creates opportunities to empower women through connection and development. Hear from the program’s leader on how the network was built and the successes that have come out of this initiative.

11:00 am ET

Kim Clarke
Grand Rapids, MI

Developing Relationships to Build Your Practice

Join us to share tips on how to strategically navigate the development and maintenance of relationships within your firm, with clients, and within the community.

8:00 pm ET

Carol Kerfoot
Kornfeld, Vancouver

Women Lawyers are not Men in Skirts

Gender difference makes a difference! Sometimes positive, sometimes negative, it’s important to understand how the attitudes and behaviors of men and women differ, and to develop strategies to address these differences in order to succeed in the workplace. 

11:00 am ET

Paola Sangiovanni
Gitti and Partners,
Milan, Italy

Management Styles: “We-economy” vs. “Me-economy”

Traditionally, women excel in creating cooperative working environments while men excel where an individual is at the center of the practice. Join our discussion on how women can bring greater awareness to connection and collaboration, and why the success of your firm depends on it.

8:00 pm ET

Danielle Justo
Rich May,
Boston, MA

Overcoming Gender Bias

Men are often judged on their potential while women are judged on their past performance. Join us to discuss patterns of gender bias, oftentimes subtle, and strategies for how to overcome having to prove that a woman is equally capable as a man.

11:00 am ET

Stephanie Loughner
Moye White,
Denver, Colorado

Pushing for Equal Pay for Equal Work

The gender payment gap is an ever-present issue in the global workforce that affects women throughout their careers. Join me to discuss provisions of the Equal Pay for Equal Work Act recently enacted in Colorado, and discuss practical ways to strive for equity within your firm.

8:00 pm ET

Bronwyn Eynon-Lewis
Thynne + Macartney,
Brisbane, Australia

Achieving Work-Life Balance

Today work-life balance ranks as one of the most important workplace attributes. And striking this balance is challenging even in the best of times, much less during a pandemic. Join us to explore sustainable ways to keep your professional and personal life in balance, giving due attention to all of the things that enrich and fulfill you.