Membership Advantages

Ally Law members have high expectations of one another and of the overall organization.

The good news is these expectations are consistently met or exceeded, such that our firms find the benefits of membership are far greater than their investment. These benefits include the following:

• Access to carefully vetted business law firms in major economic centers worldwide, such that member firms can refer with confidence when their clients need assistance outside their home jurisdiction.

• Enduring relationships that go far beyond an individual client file. This long-term perspective translates into clear advantages for you and your client, as their smallest legal issues are handled with care and attention by firms who might never handle another matter for them.

• Quick access to the local knowledge of law firms in foreign jurisdictions. For our members, they gain this important advantage without the expense of opening and maintaining foreign offices.

 Enhanced visibility with clients, prospective clients and other law firms through LinkedIn, blogs, educational webinars and client newsletters. In addition, the Alliance hosts four major meetings per year: our Annual Meeting and three Regional Meetings, for the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific.

• Professional staff support. Our headquarters staff team works hand-in-hand with our members to ensure they make the most of their firm’s membership, from addressing individual concerns and supporting firm efforts to assisting members in collaborating with one other.

• A forum for sharing best practices and management concerns among noncompetitive peer firms.