Criteria & Process

Ally Law considers certain fundamentals critical to client service and member-firm quality.

We ask prospective firms to ensure they share these values and can uphold them as members: 

 Responsiveness: When receiving a referral, a member firm will contact the receiving firm by e-mail or telephone within 24 hours.

• Reputation: Our members abide by the ethical rules universally appropriate for lawyers and law firms, particularly the International Code of Ethics.

 Quality: Each of our firms agrees to an annual vetting process to ensure the quality and professionalism of our group remain at the highest levels.

• Commitment: Member firms approach Ally Law and one another with an investment mindset. Building relationships is important, and our firms agree to attend the Annual Meeting and a regional group meeting each year.

Accessibility: Member firms agree to keep their profiles and contact information accurate and complete on our website and respond promptly to update requests.

• Visibility: Member firms are committed to communicating within their firm about Ally Law to ensure client requests are treated with urgency, and all firm attorneys consider Ally Law members when they need counsel in other jurisdictions.

If you are interested in discussing membership further, here are our basic requirements when evaluating new firms:

• Membership in Ally Law is exclusive. In most instances, members may not be in other international legal networks deemed competitive to Ally Law.

• Firms should have a broadly based corporate business and litigation practice with demonstrated expertise in international business matters.

• Firms should be substantial in their respective jurisdiction, responsible for their staff and work products and with significant partner involvement and oversight in client matters.

• Ally Law member contacts must be fully proficient in written and spoken English.

• Members must hold appropriate professional liability insurance for their jurisdiction.

• Firms must demonstrate ongoing commitment to the operation and development of Ally Law, including participation in annual and regional meetings, timely payment of dues, prompt response to requests and referrals from other firms, and participation in additional activities.

Firms who are interested in membership are invited to complete an application. Once the application has been reviewed, Ally Law will schedule an onsite meeting with the equivalent of the firm’s management committee for further conversation. If both the firm and Ally Law are interested in taking the membership process forward, we invite the prospective firm to attend a membership meeting. Finally, our Expansion Committee and our Executive Committee review the firm’s candidacy and decide on membership. For more information on joining Ally Law, contact us