Future Leaders

Strong organizations must invest in the future. For our network, this means identifying, involving and supporting talented younger lawyers who will lead Ally Law in the coming years.

Since the founding of Ally Law more than three decades ago, member firms have collaborated to help clients grow beyond their boundaries. As a result, our network has expanded along with our clients, with new member firms, new programs and new areas of expertise being added all the time. 

Growing beyond boundaries remains a key strategic focus for Ally Law. To continue to do so, however, we know that we must invest in the future of our organization. In practical terms, this means identifying and developing the leadership, business development and practical skills of talented, early career lawyers from around the world who will lead Ally Law in the coming years.

To meet this need, and to assure clients of our ongoing support, in 2020 we launched our Young Leaders Development Program. Led by international speaker, coach, strategist and author Stephanie Wachman, the program has already helped dozens of future Ally Law leaders develop relationships with their peers using the virtual communication tools that have allowed us to continue to do business during the global health crisis.

On this foundation, we will continue to build trust and prepare to strengthen connections with future, in-person meetings. Our goal? To create an environment in which participants and their colleagues have deep confidence in each other and are pleased to create and share referral opportunities.

2021 Participant List and Bios
2020 Participant List and Bios