International Arbitration Guide

Describe the international arbitration governing bodies/structure in your jurisdiction.

We have no such governing bodies.

Describe any unique circumstances in your country that affect international arbitration (i.e., change in government, etc.).

No such circumstances exist.

Please provide a brief overview of your firms international arbitration capabilities (team members, experience as litigators in arbitration as well as experience as arbitrators).

Team members are: Margarita Kalaidjieva, Hristo Hinov and Radi Georgiev
Angel Kalaidjiev is an arbitrator and deputy chairman at the Bulgarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce. He has also been a member of an arbitration panel at the Vienna International Arbitration Centre and is an arbitrator at the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes. Our law firm has participated in over 20 international arbitrations.

In which areas does your firm handle arbitration? (i.e., international investment, infrastructure, public works, energy, construction, etc.)

International Investment, Commercial law, Contract law, Construction.

Which industries does your firm serve in this area (i.e., energy, insurance, public concessions, etc.)?

banks, insurance, international trading.

Does your firm provide lawyer representation or certified arbitrator resources, or both? Please describe.

We provide lawyer representation in international arbitrations as well as arbitrator services – one of our partner is an arbitrator at the Bulgarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce as well as at the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes.

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