International Arbitration Guide

Describe the international arbitration governing bodies/structure in your jurisdiction.

Any institute that provides an arbitration platform outside of Taiwan or is subject to foreign arbitration law to issue the arbitral award could be the governing body for international arbitration.

Describe any unique circumstances in your country that affect international arbitration (i.e., change in government, etc.).

Courts of Taiwan have long held that if the foreign country does not expressly refuse to recognize the enforceability of the Taiwan arbitral award, courts of Taiwan shall be as lenient as possible and take the initiative to recognize the enforceability of the arbitral award from the perspective of reciprocity, regardless of the fact that Taiwan is not a signatory of the New York Arbitration Convention (1958).

Please provide a brief overview of your firms international arbitration capabilities (team members, experience as litigators in arbitration as well as experience as arbitrators).

We have a strong arbitration team. Many of our colleagues serve as arbitrators. Our experience in international arbitration includes representing multinational companies and leading domestic companies in ICC, Hong Kong, and Singapore arbitration proceedings. construction project. We also represent our client in an arbitration proceeding to win an award awarding the highest amount in Taiwan’s history.

In which areas does your firm handle arbitration? (i.e., international investment, infrastructure, public works, energy, construction, etc.)

We handle arbitration in all commercial areas, especially construction, energy, and high-tech.

Which industries does your firm serve in this area (i.e., energy, insurance, public concessions, etc.)?

We focus on energy, insurance, high-tech, construction, employment, and telecommunication.

Does your firm provide lawyer representation or certified arbitrator resources, or both? Please describe.

We have certified arbitrator members and also provide representation services.

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