Founded in 1997, Formosan Brothers is one of the leading law firms in Taiwan. Armed with legal expertise and business sense, the firm provides a full range of legal services, implementing efficient and creative strategies and solutions tailored to its clients’ needs. Most of the lawyers in Formosan Brothers have the background of studying abroad.

We also recruited many lawyers who have been admitted to practice law in different foreign jurisdictions. Apart from those mega international law firms, Formosan Brothers has a solid base of local clients. Moreover, our attorneys and counsels team have received legal professional training in Taiwan and have practiced in Taiwan for a long time. In addition to understand the differences between domestic and international legal contexts, Formosan Brothers is very familiar with the unique Taiwanese corporate environment and business culture.

Therefore, by way of combining domestic and international legal professionals with local culture, we are able to provide international enterprises and organizations who intend to enter Taiwan or have already been in Taiwan legal services with locally feasible and suitable solutions in accordance with clients’ best interests. As a result, Formosan Brothers is recognized as one of Taiwan’s premier law firms by well-known international journals and media. We deserved such honor since our capability is acknowledged by our clients.

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