International Arbitration Guide
USA – Southern California

Describe the international arbitration governing bodies/structure in your jurisdiction.

ICC (International Chamber of Commerce, Court of Arbitration) AAA / ICDR (American Arbitration Association) Independent Film and Television Alliance (IFTA – Administered by the ICDR) JAMS Arbitration International.

Describe any unique circumstances in your country that affect international arbitration (i.e., change in government, etc.).

California recently enacted section CCP 1297.185 et seq. of the California International Arbitration and Conciliation Act which permits lawyers in good standing in foreign jurisdictions to act as counsel in international arbitration matters seated in the state. The liberalization of the arbitration laws here are intended to foster a pro-arbitration stance in the law and legal practice of California.

Please provide a brief overview of your firms international arbitration capabilities (team members, experience as litigators in arbitration as well as experience as arbitrators).

MPG has a dedicated arbitration team who are capable of assisting in such matters. Nathan O’Malley is the partner who leads the arbitration practice. He has over twenty years of experience in this field, is a published author of leading texts on international arbitration and serves as an adjunct professor at the University of Southern California teaching courses in IA. In addition to him, associates Michelle Ferrara and Giorgio Sassine also practice in this field.

In which areas does your firm handle arbitration? (i.e., international investment, infrastructure, public works, energy, construction, etc.)

We handle a wide variety of disputes in this area, but in particular, focus on disputes arising out of the following areas: 1) Clean / Renewable and Conventional Energy 2) Construction and Engineering Disputes / Public Works 3) Distribution and the Sale of Goods 4) Technology / IP 5) Fintech / Including Acquiring Banks and other Financial Institutions.

Which industries does your firm serve in this area (i.e., energy, insurance, public concessions, etc.)?

Construction and Engineering Firms Owner / Operators of Energy Producing Assets Medical Equipment Insurance / Re-Insurance.

Does your firm provide lawyer representation or certified arbitrator resources, or both? Please describe.

Nathan O’Malley regularly serves as an arbitrator in addition to his work as counsel. He has been appointed as an arbitrator by the following institutions: Permanent Court of Arbitration, AAA and ICDR, as well as the ICC.

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