Pérez Duin, Gutiérrez Rodriguez, Abogados, operates in three offices in Venezuela, with operations in Caracas, Puerto La Cruz, and El Tigre.

We assist in the negotiating and drafting of a wide range of contracts, including those related to commercial agreements, employment, leasing, land law and conveyance, and environmental considerations.

We also represent our clients in judicial and administrative proceedings in most major jurisdictions and courts throughout the country.

We have deep experience working with multinational companies operating in the oil and gas sector, providing counsel on issues related to licensing, drilling, compression, seismic issues, joint ventures, and other matters related to exploiting these natural resources. We have assisted clients with the legal issues surrounding purchase, construction, implementation and leasing of instruments and equipment used in oil and gas drilling, as well as in a variety of operating issues. Additionally, we have extensive experience working with PDVSA (Petroleum of Venezuela) in representating our domestic and international clients.

We also represent important construction and industrial companies in different sectors providing them a full range of advice on the legal area.

Pérez Duin, Gutiérrez Rodriguez, Abogados

Founded: 2001
Member since: 2008
Lawyers: 9

Firm Profile:

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Pérez Duin, Gutiérrez Rodriguez , Abogados
Centro Empresarial Torre
Humboldt Piso 15, Ofic. 15-07
Av. Río Caura, Urb. Prados del Este, Municipio Baruta, Edo Miranda. Venezuela
Tel +58 (212) 977 6956 / 975 1246