The Stewart Law Firm

The Stewart Law Firm represents a wide range of clients, from public companies to start up and emerging companies, as well as large, mid-sized and smaller enterprises, and high-net-worth individuals. With Ally Law, we also advise national and international clients around the globe on matters involving US federal and state law.

We concentrate our practice on corporate, alternative entity and commercial law, including advice and counsel under Delaware corporate and alternative entity law (limited liability companies, statutory trusts, REITs, limited partnerships and public benefit corporations), equity alternatives, complex restructurings, fiduciary duty, and indemnification matters.

The firm provides non-consolidation opinions and Delaware law opinions in a variety of transactions such as structured financings and reorganizations, including in relation to the Uniform Commercial Code.

The firm has more than 25 years of experience working with special purpose structures, including special purpose financing vehicles and intangible holding companies. The firm represents national and international clients in implementing and maintaining cross jurisdictional tax planning initiatives.

The Stewart Law Firm works with holders and claimants on Delaware unclaimed property or “escheat” law matters. The firm was also instrumental in Delaware becoming a leading captive insurance domicile and provides licensing and ongoing operational services.

Stewart Law Ally Law

Delaware, USA

Founded: 1994
Member since: 2010
Lawyers: 4

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The Stewart Law Firm
Farmers Bank Building
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