Lallemand Legros & Joyn (LLJ)

Lallemand Legros & Joyn (LLJ) has developed a practice centered on African countries, with a particular focus on Mauritius and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Our African office is located in Ebene, Republic of Mauritius.

Lallemand Legros & Joyn (LLJ) Mauritius was established in April 2017 by Benoît Philippart de Foy and Antoine Dayez and, on September 1, 2017 has obtained the very first “Global Legal Advisory Services” license delivered by the Financial Service Commission of Mauritius. Our African desk is currently composed of six lawyers including two partners.

Lallemand Legros & Joyn (LLJ) Mauritius is specializing in rendering the following services:

  • advisory services about Mauritian Tax Law
  • advisory services in relation with wealth management for residents of African countries 
  • advisory services about Republic Democratic of Congo’s Tax Law 
  • assisting in the analysis and the declaration of the Belgian Tax on Stock Exchange Transaction for Belgian residents holders of a foreign bank account

Founded: 2010
Member since: 2018
Lawyers: 32

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Lallemand Legros & Joyn (LLJ)
Ebene Junction Suite 109,
rue de la Démocratie,
Ebene, 72203
Republic of Mauritius