Lindmark Welinder is an international business law firm based in Lund, Sweden. Our diverse client base ranges from small-scale enterprises to important players on the stock exchange. Business operations run by local governments also look to us for advice on legal matters. We provide a wide range of services in all areas of corporate law, general commercial law and commercial litigation.

For more than twenty years, our firm has amassed a wealth of experience in a range of legal matters, including: drafting and negotiating agreements and contracts, commercial disputes, sales of companies, public procurement (particularly from the purchaser’s point of view), competition law, corporate law, stock-exchange law, foundations and associations which conduct business operations, turn-key arrangements and other major contract-work projects, product liability and legal risk management, commercial damages and insurance law, environmental legislation, employment legislation, real-property law, business-related administrative law and public law, and matters relating to intellectual property. We’re also thoroughly familiar with the legislation which becomes relevant whenever a foreign company wants to conduct sales and distribution, and/or set up its business in Sweden. 

We regularly serve clients in the following lines of business: subcontractors, commerce, foodstuffs, medical technology, research and development, the environment, recycling, district heating, real estate, public transport, public-sector activities, and churches and religious communities.

Our firm has never sought to be one of the biggest law offices, but we do wish to be one of the best. We provide clients with tailor-made legal solutions. Client benefit, knowledge, integrity, professionalism, long-term thinking, commitment, accessibility, ethics and empathy are the most important guiding principles in everything we do. 

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+46 46 151000

+46 46 151000

Lindmark Welinder
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