Meet Arnaldo Gorziglia – Arteaga | Gorziglia, Chile

What is your primary area of practice, and what drew you to it?

I am the head of the corporate practice of Arteaga Gorziglia. My primary are of practice is Merger and Acquisitions. I also have a lot of experience in Project Finance and corporate reorganizations. I have vast experience of more than 25 years in M&A for local and foreign companies, both public and private. I have an important experience in cross border transactions. Main industries in which I have been involved are: infrastructure, energy, retail, mining, agroindustry.

Tell us about a recent memorable project, matter or case that you’ve worked on. What was fun? What was challenging?

We recently closed a transaction whereby our Australian based client sold it business in Latam. The sale was associated to a financing to be granted by our client to the purchaser. The client requested that all the documentation related to the credit facility be based on their models agreements but under Chilean Law. All the collateral was subject to Chilean formats. The stock purchase agreement was governed by New York law. Considering the main assets were located in Chile, we led the whole transaction. Big challenge!

Since the pandemic, what is one thing that has improved in your life?

More time with my family, and the choice to stay at home more and do homework with my kids.

And now, a wild-card question:  What’s your favorite place to visit and why?

Rome is such a great city. For a fan of history, there is always something new to know and visit.

Arteaga | Gorziglia
Santiago, Chile
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