Meet Ignacio Arteaga – Arteaga | Gorziglia, Chile

What is your primary area of practice, and what drew you to it?

It is Corporate Law, Energy Law, Insolvency Law and Arbitration. I am a transactional lawyer (M&A) and arbitrator.

Tell us about a recent memorable project, matter or case that you’ve worked on. What was fun? What was challenging?

The acquisition and development of renewable energy projects. I have successfully terminated a diploma on electricity law at the Engineering Faculty of the Catholic University of Chile, it was really a new experience being a lawyer in a course full of engineers and to return to mathematical skills.

Since the pandemic, what is one thing that has improved in your life?

I have learned to bake bread at home with one of my duagthers and to do wooodcarving with one of my sons.

And now, a wild-card question:  What’s your favorite place to visit and why?

The Chilean coast and swing in the Pacific Ocean.

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