Meet Maria Stakovska – Young Leader From Lund

What is your primary area of practice, and what drew you to it?

I would describe my role as a typical out-house general counsel, with the primary areas of practice in contract law, corporate law and M&A.

Tell us about a recent memorable project, matter or case that you’ve worked on. What was fun? What was challenging?

Recently, we assisted a client in the acquisition of a US based company with several subsidiaries in different jurisdictions, as well in Europe as in Asia. Thanks to our strong network within Ally Law, we were able to easily gather a team of skilled lawyers who could provide necessary legal services to our client. Usually, the work intensity in such projects, combined with time difference, can be challenging. In this case, completing the project during a pandemic year, will definitely make it extra memorable.

I really appreciate that we have such a well developed co-operation within Ally Law, and I can proudly say that, whenever requested, we can provide excellent global legal services.

Since the pandemic, what is one thing that has improved in your life?

Less (unnecessary) meetings and improved time management.

And now, a wild-card question: What’s your favorite place to visit and why?

Ohrid – the pearl of the Balkans (North Macedonia) – where I used to spend the summers during my childhood. The town, holding the status of a UNESCO world heritage site, is host to a myriad of cultural and natural treasures. And, most importantly, the food is amazing!

Founded: 1988
Member since: 1990
Lawyers: 8