Meet Paola Sangiovanni, Executive Member from Milan

What is your primary area of practice, and what drew you to it?

Life sciences. It is exciting to know that patients (rather than consumers or businesses) may ultimately benefit from your work!

Tell us about a recent memorable project, matter or case that you’ve worked on. What was fun? What was challenging?

Last April / May 2020 we worked on clinical trial and biological material transfer agreements for a large public hospital heavily involved in curing Covid cases and in relating research.

It was exciting to participate, even a tiny bit, in helping the medical research community in the battle against the pandemic.

Since the pandemic, what is one thing that has improved in your life?

I have a much deeper appreciation of nature and the outdoors. What seemed obvious before (a walk in the park, a trip to the mountains, a swim in the sea), felt amazing after 3 months of staying home.

And now, a wild-card question:  What’s your favorite place to visit and why?

There are many places I would like to travel to. However, I visited Sils Maria in Engadin, Switzerland, last summer and that place has stayed in my heart: I would definitely like to be back. The mountains, endless lakes, blue skies, green meadows, cows and wild flowers made a perfect scenery for hiking.

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