2021 AGM Super Conference

2021 AGM Super Conference

Ally Law will host its two-day Annual General Meeting on May 26 and 27, 2021 (May 27 and 28 in the Asia-Pacific region). Featuring 10 sessions, the conference will present a top-flight slate of futurists, tech entrepreneurs, member speakers and performers through an intuitive, high-tech meeting platform that will foster engagement and interaction regardless of location.

In addition to the annual business meeting and leadership elections, the conference will include sessions designed to help attendees envision new ways to transform individual careers and firm operations, explore synergies across practice areas and industry sectors, and enjoy visits to the world’s top museums, an “unsung heroes” award ceremony, and a concert featuring musical performances from across the globe.

Highlights of the online event include a keynote presentation by author, speaker and independent business advisor to major professional services firms and national governments, Richard Susskind. Author of numerous books on the future of law and technology, Susskind focuses on how technology is changing the work of lawyers.

Member delegates, guest panelists and successful entrepreneurs will share insights on identifying and acting on “big ideas,” overcoming adversity (pandemic- and non-pandemic-related), and making the most of network membership, among other topics. Executive coach, leadership advisor, meditation and yoga teacher — and former intellectual property lawyer! — Rudhir Krishtel will guide attendees through the steps required to create space for personal and professional transformation and build resilience.

Said Björn Welinder, president of Ally Law and a partner in Lund, Sweden-based law firm Lindmark Welinder, “This past year has demonstrated the strength of our network and given us an opportunity to explore new ways to deliver value to clients. This year’s AGM will emphasize the tools, technologies and personal relationships that can help businesses and member firms move forward into the future.”

Added Paul Franke, incoming president of Ally Law (May 2021), and partner in Denver-based member, Moye White, “The practice of law is constantly changing. This conference and Ally Law as an organization are helping set the pace for global client service.”


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