Building Client Trust Through Skill and Quality Service

When a law firm with offices in multiple jurisdictions face a number of legal and ethical complaints, Vorys earned the client’s trust by demonstrating legal and strategic expertise.

Marty O’Hara, a principal in Chicago member firm Much, asked Tony O’Malley, a partner in Ohio and Texas member firm, Vorys, to assist a third law firm that has locations in numerous jurisdictions within and outside of the United States. The firm was facing claims of legal malpractice as well as violations of ethical requirements. Although client-privacy concerns prevent a detailed discussion of the matter, the case raised a number of very challenging factual and legal issues that required a great deal of analysis and strategy in order to obtain a positive resolution.

Tony worked with the client over the course of more than half a year. Writing of Tony’s work, Marty said, “[He] went above and beyond to create a relationship with the client contact. Together with his tireless efforts on the matter and his instinctive knowledge of the defense of such claims, Tony earned the client’s complete confidence early in the engagement.”