An Impressive Early Performance Creates a Successful, Long-Term Partnership

By addressing an initial set of legal issues with skill and professionalism, Your Legal Partners was able to establish a long-term, ongoing relationship with a key client of Kalaidjiev & Georgiev.

Radi Georgiev is a partner in Ally Law’s Bulgaria member firm, Kalaidjiev & Georgiev. One of his clients, a Bulgaria-based insurance company, operates in Greece through a registered branch. When the client needed assistance in the course of the branch registration and on other legal issues related to the insurance industry, Radi turned to Your Legal Partners, and senior associate Evelina Papadimitropoulou in particular, for assistance.

Setting up the business presented a number of regulatory and organizational challenges. Evelina worked closely and well with the client to resolve these issues — so well, that for the past several years, the client has continued to retain Your Legal Partners to handle its legal needs in Greece. In fact, Your Legal Partners has a lawyer onsite at the client on a part-time basis.

Summarizing Evelina’s work, Radi noted that “This is truly a good example how Ally Law may meet the requirements of a client in so many jurisdictions.”