Helping Bereaved Relatives Resolve Cross-Border Legal Issues

When the relative of a man whose uncle had passed away in a foreign country needed help with legal issues, member firm Gibel Zirm handled the matter with sensitivity and speed.

Ally Law’s Germany member firm, Melchers, presented Maximilian Zirm, a partner in Austria member firm Gibel Zirm, with a very unique, personal challenge: An individual who was living in England and spoke no German needed to handle a number of issues following the death of his uncle in Austria — not the least of which was the temporary disappearance of his uncle’s body.

Maximilian helped the client quickly and with no fuss, during what was a very emotionally difficult situation. The Melchers team felt great confidence in Maximilian because he and members of their firm had already established a personal acquaintance. As one of the Melcher team noted, “Most delegates have already met in person and there is a bond between many of us that goes beyond the purely business side of things. In our opinion, it’s experiences like this one that make Ally Law so special compared to other networks.”