Record Attendance Tracked at 2024 AGM

We’re pleased to launch our 2024 annual international conference in Vancouver, Canada, which is hosted by member firm Kornfeld.  

During this four-day, marquee event, 125 lawyers and guests from 37 countries on five continents delegates, client guests, and invited presenters will engage in dynamic discussions on a wide spectrum of emerging legal and business opportunities. The focus will be on developing client-centered, forward-thinking firms. The keynote address, panels, and breakout sessions will delve into key trends in the practice of law and law firm management, including mergers and acquisitions, international dispute resolution, taxation, intellectual property, the use of AI and other technologies to enhance client service and firm effectiveness, and much more.

Said Ramesh Vaidyanathan, President of Ally Law and co-founder of BTG Advaya, a law firm with offices in Mumbai, Bengaluru, and New Delhi, India, “In today’s global economy, businesses of all sizes have relationships with partners, vendors, investors, and other stakeholders in multiple jurisdictions. To address their legal needs in a coordinated manner, they need advisors with strong, deep relationships and the ability to counsel across various disciplines. Our Annual General Meeting offers an important opportunity to strengthen our network and improve collaboration beyond traditional boundaries. We are particularly pleased to note the addition of seven new member firms and the expansion of services in 16 new countries – a testament to our network’s ongoing strength and vitality.”

New member firms include DRET Legal (Colombia), Ellenoff Grossman & Schole LLP (New York), Fafinski Mark & Johnson (Minnesota), Hernández & Hernández Abogados (Dominican Republic), Shehata & Partners (Egypt), Villarreal VGF (Mexico) and Zacarías & Fernández(Paraguay).

Kornfeld partner and Ally Law Director Shane Coblin said, “Our firm is pleased to welcome our member-firm delegates and guests to the beautiful city of Vancouver. The substantive panel sessions, presentations, and discussions will deliver critical information on today’s legal trends, and the informal social and networking events will help build the relationships that are key to our network’s effectiveness.” 

In addition to the AGM, Ally Law members regularly attend annual regional meetings. These meetings are designed to focus on jurisdiction-specific business and legal issues, providing a platform for members to share current insights and experiences. This regular exchange of information gives members a distinct advantage over law firms outside the network, ensuring that our professionals are always up-to-date and well-equipped to serve our clients.