Seven Firms Ranked in Chambers USA

Congratulations to our seven members ranked across nearly twenty-six practice areas in the 2024 edition of Chambers USA.

The following Ally Law member firms are included in this ranking:

  • AlaskaBirch, Horton, Bittner & Cherot – Band 2, Litigation: General Commercial with lawyer David Gross (Band 3); Real Estate lawyer Suzanne Cherot (Senior Statespeople).
  • IllinoisMuch Shelist – Band 2, Construction with lawyers Josh Leavitt (Band 1), Scott Fradin (Band 2), and Daniel Rosenberg (Band 2); Band 5, Corporate/M&A & Private Equity; Insurance: Dispute Resolution lawyer Neil Posner (Band 2); Band 5, Litigation: General Commercial with lawyer Steven Blonder (Band 3); Private Equity: Buyouts lawyers Mitchell Roth (Band 3) and Michael Shaw (Band 4).
  • MichiganVarnum LLP – Band 4, Corporate/M&A with lawyer Peter Roth (Band 4); Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation lawyers Jeffrey DeVree (Band 4) and John Arendshorst (Up and Coming); Immigration lawyer Kimberly Clarke (Band 2); Band 2, Labor & Employment with lawyers Richard Hooker (Senior Statespeople), David Khorey (Band 4), Elizabeth Skaggs (Band 4), Lawrence Murphy (Band 4), Maureen Rouse-Ayoub (Band 4), and Luis Avila (Up and Coming); Band 4, Litigation: General Commercial; Band 3, Real Estate with lawyers Nyal Deems (Senior Statespeople) and Melissa Papke (Band 3).
  • Minnesota: Fafinski Mark & Johnson – Band 3, Corporate/M&A with lawyer Heidi Carpernter; Transportation: Aviation: Finance lawyer Kevin Johnson (Band 4); Band 2, Transportation: Aviation: Transactional.
  • North CarolinaSmith, Anderson, Blount, Dorsett, Mitchell & Jernigan, LLP – Band 3, Banking & Finance with lawyers Bart Norman (Band 3), Armand Perry (Band 5), Curtis Brewer IV (Band 5), and Charles Kabugo-Musoke (Up and Coming); Band 2, Banking & Finance: Mainly Regulatory with lawyer Geoffrey Adams; Band 1, Construction with lawyers Peter Marino (Band 1), Wayne Maiorano (Band 1), and William “Casey” Vaughn (Up and Coming); Band 1, Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation with lawyers Caryn Coppedge McNeill (Band 1), Jamison Hinkle (Band 2), and Kara Brunk (Band 2); Band 3, Environment with lawyers Stephen Parascandola (Band 3), David Berry (Band 4); Band 3, Healthcare with lawyer Robert Shaw (Band 2); Band 3, Intellectual Property with lawyers John Therien (Band 3) and Robert “Joey” Morris (Band 3); Band 1, Labor & Employment with lawyers Kimberly Korando (Band 1), Kerry Shad (Band 2), Rosemary Kenyon (Band 2), Zeb Anderson (Band 2), and Kevin Ceglowski (Band 3); Band 2, Litigation: General Commercial with lawyers Michael Mitchell (Band 2), Christopher Smith (Band 3), and Don Tucker (Band 4); Band 1, Real Estate with lawyers C. Allen York (Band 3), Michael Thornton (Band 3), and C. Steven Mason (Band 4); Real Estate: Finance lawyer C. Steven Mason (Band 3); Band 1, Real Estate: Zoning/Land Use with lawyers Matt Rhoad (Band 2) and Toby Coleman (Band 2); Band 1, Tax with lawyers Willian Nelson (Band 1) and Joshua Bryant (Band 2); Band 1, Corporate/M&A with lawyers John Jernigan (Senior Statespeople), Byron Kirkland (Band 1), Gerald Roach (Band 1), Christopher Capel (Band 2), Timothy Goettel (Band 2), and Robert Duggins (Band 3).
  • Ohio/TexasVorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease LLP – Band 2, Antitrust with lawyers James Wilson (Band 2) and Ken Rubin (Band 2); Band 2, Banking & Finance with lawyers Hani Kallas (Band 1), Nancy Nicole Workman (Band 2), Martin Gates (Band 3), Megan Hoelle (Band 3), and Travis Wahl (Band 3); Band 3, Restructuring and Insolvency with lawyer Tiffany Strelow Cobb (Band 4); Construction lawyer Rick Grady (Band 4); Band 2, Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation with lawyers Anthony Ciriaco (Band 3), Christine Poth (Band 3), Jennifer Dunsizer (Band 3), and Elizabeth Howard (Up and Coming); Band 1, Energy & Natural Resources with lawyers Gregory Russell (Band 1), Michael Settineri (Band 2), and Timothy McGranor (Band 2); Band 2, Environment with lawyers Kristin Watt (Band 1), Mark Norman (Band 2), and David Edelstein (Band 4); Band 3, Healthcare with lawyers Jolie Havens (Band 2) and Suzanne Scrutton (Band 3); Band 1, Immigration with lawyer David Cook (Band 1) and Sachiyo Peterson (Band 1); Ohio:Intellectual Property lawyer Mark Watkins (Band 3); Band 2, Labor & Employment with lawyers Mark Knueve (Band 2), Andrew Smith (Band 4), and Janay Stevens (Up and Coming); Band 2, Litigation: General Commercial with lawyer William Porter II (Band 4); Band 3, Real Estate with lawyer J Theodore (Ted) Smith (Band 3); Real Estate: Zoning/Land Use lawyer Jill Tangeman (Band 1); Band 2, Tax with lawyer Dan Jaffe (Band 1); Band 1, Corporate/M&A with lawyers Adam Brandt (Band 2) and Roger Lautzenhiser (Band 3); Texas: Intellectual Property lawyer Carey Jordan (Band 3); USA-Nationwide: Band 3, Retail.
  • Utah: Fabian VanCott – Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation lawyer Scott Peterson (Band 1); Natural Resources & Environment lawyers H Michael Keller (Band 3) and Rosemary Beless (Band 3).