In November 1989, 15 lawyers from 10 countries met in London to organize The Association of Commercial Lawyers. This formative meeting marks the beginning of our global legal network.

Since then, Ally Law has grown exponentially to include 71 law firms and 2800 lawyers in 46 counties. Today, our member firms are stronger, our international reach is greater and our reputation as a premiere global legal network continues to expand.

A Future of Excellence

Our history is marked by a shared commitment to two key objectives: providing exemplary service to our clients and ensuring the highest caliber members in each jurisdiction. Ally Law members are carefully selected based on practice expertise, reputation and commitment to client service. Each are market leaders in their own jurisdictions, with a dedication to the responsibility of good corporate citizenship.

As we celebrate the past 30 years and look forward to what’s ahead, there is one constant: our shared commitment to providing clients with sophisticated legal services, sharply focused on value and efficiency, wherever their business takes them.