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U.K.: Can You Airbnb?

The rise of the “sharing economy” has led to the enormous success of companies like Airbnb, Under The Doormat, and VRBO which facilitate people letting their homes or spare rooms on a short-term basis. PWC reports that the sector will grow from £15bn in 2013 to £335bn by 2025. The legal position in relation to


Native American Law: Know Your Commercial Rights and Obligations

Native America tribes and their holdings are exempt from many state and municipal regulations and taxes by virtue of the exclusivity clauses of several federal laws to which tribes and their lands are subject. A recent federal circuit court opinion held that the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934 prohibits state taxes on Indian land rights,


Commercial Leases: Strict Compliance With Contract Terms Is Required

In commercial leases, uneven compliance with rental payment terms and lease renewal obligations are sometimes waived by the parties when negotiating a new lease. However, a Canadian Supreme Court recently clarified renewal rights in the context of commercial leases, finding that a tenant fails to strictly follow lease terms and obligations at its own peril.



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