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Federal Court Upholds Rules Prohibiting Practice of Law by Corporations

On April 19, 2019, the US Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit rejected a trade association’s constitutional challenge to the North Carolina rules that prevent corporations from providing legal advice. North Carolina’s rules on the unauthorized practice of law (UPL) strictly limit the types of entities that may practice law. Professional corporations owned exclusively by lawyers


Minority Report: The Future of Legal Services and AI

Imagine a future world where mutant beings, called ‘precogs,’ foresee crime before it occurs. Tapping into their collective brainpower, the government’s Precrime Division can apprehend suspects who have not yet committed any offense — though, we are assured, they will. The stuff of science fiction? So far, yes: it’s the plot of a story by


Law Firm Succession Planning

Ally Law member firm Phillips Nizer LLP published the article “Law Firm Succession Planning” in the New York Law Journal’s April 24, 2017 Partnership Special Report.*  Succession planning requires that businesses and law firms confront the challenging issues of aging, changing professional identities, and an uncertain future. With the continuing retirement of “baby boomers” the


Nondisclosure Agreements In The Attorney-Client Relationship And Assuring Confidentiality in Business Relationships

Despite established rules and laws governing the confidentiality of attorney-client communications in most jurisdictions around the globe, some clients are requesting that their law firms execute nondisclosure agreements relating to legal representation. Are these contractual remedies necessary or advisable in an attorney-client relationship? Should an attorney execute such an agreement? In what business relationships are



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