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Social Media Sales And Litigation Risks

Social media provides a flexible platform for companies and sellers to constantly connect with consumers and has revolutionized the direct selling industry around the globe. The goals in employing social media for direct selling are: to remain relevant, to convert passive responses into active engagement, and to drive brand recognition and loyalty. However, there are legal


Are You Inadvertently Publishing Written Warranties For Your Products?

The United States Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act (MMWA) mandates that, among other things, manufacturers and sellers of consumer products provide consumers with detailed warranty coverage information. Often, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and automotive dealers must comply with the MMWA. The MMWA broadly defines “written warranties” as (1) “any written affirmation of fact or written promise made” by


Is Your Invention Patentable? A Free Primer For No-Cost Research

If your product or process invention or something similar to it has already been created, it is likely not patentable. Thus, before beginning the patenting process, you must do patentability research. You can conduct basic online patentability research without incurring the expense involved in having a professional search firm conduct such research. Basically, online research


MAP Policies Are The First Line Of Protection In Online Sales

E-commerce is on the rise and showing no signs of stopping. E-commerce grew 16 percent in the first half of 2016 in the United States, while U.S. consumers are projected to spend $385 billion online this year, according to a November 2016 Business Insider article noting that nearly all of the growth in the retail sector


Lemon Laws And Autonomous Vehicles

In the United States, ‘lemon laws’ have existed for several decades to protect consumers from permanently defective vehicles. Lemon laws generally require manufacturers to replace or reimburse consumers for vehicles that have proven defective under defined criteria, which may vary from state to state. Autonomous vehicles present a unique scenario regarding the applicability of lemon


Asbestos Injury: Is The Remedy Limited To Workers’ Compensation?

Asbestos exposure almost always occurs at a place of work, and the laws dealing with asbestos exposure vary from United States state to state.  In states where workers’ compensation remedies encompass asbestos-related injuries, employees are prohibited from bringing civil suit in general jurisdiction courts against their employer for such injury.  Determining the existence of an employer-employee



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