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US Startups: Understanding Your Disclosure Obligations to Investors

A company and its management have an obligation to disclose all material information that a reasonable investor would want to know prior to making an investment in the company. Information is material if there is a substantial likelihood that a reasonable investor would consider it important in determining whether or not to make an investment.

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SEC Continues Effort to Modernize Disclosure Requirements

As part of its ongoing effort to modernize and simplify disclosure obligations applicable to public companies, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently adopted amendments to certain requirements set forth in Regulation S-K. These amendments impact the description of business (Item 101), disclosure of legal proceedings (Item 103) and disclosure of risk factors (Item

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Securitization Law in Greece: Your Legal Partners Contributes to 2018 ICLG Guide

Structured finance and investment laws vary considerably across jurisdictions. Compliance with these laws can present a particular challenge for businesses and investors whose interests cross borders. To help companies better understand the laws and regulations governing securitization-related matters, Ally Law’s member firm in Greece, Your Legal Partners, together with the law firm Dracopoulos & Vassalakis

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“Doing Business And Investing In Australia” Guide Now Available

Russell Kennedy Lawyers, the Ally Law member firm located in Melbourne and Canberra, Australia, has published its Doing Business and Investing in Australia Guide providing a general overview of the key legal issues of which foreign organizations should be aware when seeking to do business in or invest in Australia. Topics covered include an overview on

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Final Recommendations From U.S. SEC Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee on Small and Emerging Companies, created by the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission (SEC), issued its Final Report last month summarizing its recommendations from the past six years as well as detailing those areas the Committee has identified as areas for continued focus. The SEC formed the Committee to provide recommendations on rules, regulations,

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U.S. Guidance On Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, And Initial Coin Offerings

This summer the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) released a Report of Investigation (Report) that represents the first major U.S. regulatory guidance for the mushrooming cryptocurrency markets. Ally Law member  firm Rich May has prepared a primer of the key provisions of the Report and what they mean. A brief summary of the primer

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Using “Finders” To Find Capital

Sometimes the only path to financing your startup is through the pitching and putting together a group of “angels” and other individual investors. That path takes time and can be frustrating; potential investors may hesitate to commit. The offer from a “finder” to introduce you to investors with cash sounds attractive. What is the downside

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New York Financial Cybersecurity Requirements Take Effect

On March 1, 2017 the New York State Department of Financial Services’ (NY DFS) Cybersecurity Requirements for Financial Services Companies (the Regulations) went into effect. The Regulations apply to any entity or organization “operating under or required to operate under a license, registration, charter, certificate, permit, accreditation or similar authorization” under New York (United States) banking

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Transformation In Malaysian Corporate Law

In 2016 the Malaysian Parliament passed the Companies Bill 2015 (Bill) which is expected to transform Malaysia’s corporate landscape by spurring entrepreneurship and deregulating certain aspects of corporate process. Inasmuch as the Malaysian government has yet to finalize new regulations, rules and guidelines implementing the Companies Bill 2015, the Bill itself is not yet effective

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