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NSW construction shutdown – what you need to know

Due to the increasing rates of COVID-19 cases infectious in the community, the New South Wales (NSW) Government has announced the urgent shutdown of all construction sites across the Greater Sydney, Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Wollongong and Shellharbour areas (Shutdown Area) from Monday 19 July 2021 to at least 30 July 2021 (Shutdown Period). MORE.

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Moye White Welcomes Four New Associates

Moye White LLP is pleased to announce Arthur K. Griffin, Jennifer Knight Lang, Eric J. Langston and Chris Scolari have each joined the firm as associates in the real estate, litigation, real estate and business teams, respectively. MORE.

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Break Clauses – a win for tenants!

In May 2021 we wrote about the landlord friendly decision of Capitol Park Leeds Plc, Capitol Park Barnsley Limited v Global Radio Services Limited in which it was decided that the tenant had failed to give the landlord vacant possession of the premises by giving back an empty shell of the premises and had therefore

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